You cradled me whenever I couldn’t sleep
You assured me whenever I couldn’t believe.
You loved me when I hated everything in life
Your voice is what had kept me alive.
Even in the darkest and most morbid times.

I wanted to tell you I love you, but I just didn’t know how.
I never said much, I never expressed enough.
I couldn’t, I never knew how.

This time I was sure I wouldn’t make it,
But you held on.
And then you put me back together.
You stitched up the gashes,
You patched up the grazes.

Maybe I’ll never be able to just say it out loud,
That on a sunny day you were my cloud.
That you were the warm ray of sun in my dark monsoon.
That you were my drizzle on a scorching afternoon.

But if you’re reading this, you know how I feel,
I don’t say much, but my emotions are real.
Thank you, thank you for helping me heal.



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