Now as bile rises up and the tears rush down, I put my head in my hands and wonder, why. As I see you smiling, Hand in hand with someone new, I clasp onto my chest, sobbing, and wonder, why. Years have gone by, Yet I seem stuck in the same place. I keep on... Continue Reading →


Gambling on the Night

Hush a minute and listen, Listen to the whistling wind, It's whispering a beat to the clouds. The clouds which are dancing for you. For you and the countless stars far away. The night is a peaceful time, But a true dweller of the dark Will tell you the stories that he lived, whilst bathing... Continue Reading →


I'm desperate to let fly the ink To massacre the sheets of paper begging me to devour them. But I can't get past the lump in my throat; I can't let out that sob that's been stuck forever. I can't do anything but sit here haplessly, Frustrated and tearing my hair apart. Words have escaped... Continue Reading →


Shuffling in bed the entire night, Clueless as to what had brought about my sleepless plight. The sun came up and I wandered out to get some light, All the while ruminating about this drowsy fight. When I realized that I had gone an entire night Without you on my mind. The truth caught up... Continue Reading →

Never Let Go

Smiling through the tears, I held the on to the phone like I'd hold your hand, To never let go. Smiling through the tears, as I cherished the touch of your voice. To never let go. Smiling through the tears, as rekindled that lost hope again, to never let go. Smiling through tears, as I... Continue Reading →


Both of us entangled in our own strings, Rotting in our own mental acid; Dissolving slowly waiting for it to stop. Both our hearts longing, Mine for yours and yours for reasons unknown. One of us found love, The other saw it. Yet neither got the love we did so desperately need, And there, there... Continue Reading →


In a world of outspoken thoughts I chose silence. Not that I am scared of the verbal abuse, I just don't want to start on this path of disguised violence, I'd rather employ my attention to a better use. I sit and watch with my mum expression People often mistake silence for a weakness, But... Continue Reading →


Those dreams of paradise that you always felt beyond you, Dream them, hold on, because you have the right. Those moments of bliss, that light up the darkness around you, Don't let them go, they're yours, and they'll guide you through the night. Open wide the wings of want, and pound the world down, Till... Continue Reading →

बेवफा (Unfaithful)

बेवफा की बेवफाई से कैसी नाराज़गी वह तोह उसकी फितरत है। वह कभी तुम्हारी नहीं थी। नफरत पाल्नी है तोह उस दिल के लिए पालो जो तुम्हारा होके भी, अपनी वफ़ा किसी और के नाम लिख आया। -वत्सल Translation: Why hold anger over the betrayal of the unfaithful, It's their very nature. Their loyalty was... Continue Reading →

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